YouTube Android Update Includes Multi-Tasking Functionality With Picture-in-Picture Feature


YouTube’s latest update for Android devices now includes multi-tasking functionality that includes a picture-in-picture feature.

The Android news blog Android Police found out about the new YouTube 5.0 for Android on Monday and The Next Web reported that Google is expanding the new features to all platforms very soon.

The new multi-tasking functionality for the YouTube app lets users navigate the rest of the app without interrupting a video. Its picture-in-picture feature also lets viewers watch their video as they browse through other recommended videos. They can use the picture-in-picture feature by swiping the video down to the right-hand corner and looking at other video offerings while watching the video simultaneously. The full size of the video can be restored by swiping up.

The Android app’s navigation feature now includes playable playlists, which lets users browse and watch through their own playlists or search other channels for other people’s playlists. In addition, the video queuing feature for YouTube is now available for devices connected to the Cast button such as the Playstation 3, Google TV and Chromecast.

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