YouTube Founders Launch Vine Competitor MixBit — Royal Baby Now Insignificant


When your previous contribution to the world was a little-known site called YouTube, you better believe your next venture will come with Michael-Jordan-circa-1988-high expectations. So what have YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen been working on post-Google buyout?

The world welcomes MixBit today, a mobile app that allows users to shoot 16-second clips and then mix them to create hour-long films. In other words, Instagram or Vine combined with editing software and the ability to mix in other users’ footage to create some style of Frankenstein’s monster-esque upload.

Already hailed as “The future of video!” by iTunes customer Santa987123, MixBit is allegedly making waves with a 4.5 star rating. I have a few reservations, however, as the perfect punctuation and overall clarity of MixBit’s reviews are a far cry from the typical error-laced, profanity-laden fare typically found in iTunes user ratings.

You can check out MixBit in action below:

Notice the application’s emphasis on storytelling. This seems to be the biggest difference between Instagram or Vine, which, given their small window of recording options, leave very little room for amatuer filmmakers to stretch their creative legs.

“The future of video,” maybe not. But, MixBit does seem like a really interesting alternative to the capture apps already on the market. All we have to do now is sit back and wait for someone to start a MixBit talent agency.

You can check out the app here for iOS. Per usual, Android users will have to wait until September for the app to drop.


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