YouTube Gamers Break Records Live At The YouTube Creator Space London

Yesterday, as part of YouTube Geek Week’s Gaming Thursday, four massive gaming channels came out to the YouTube Creator Space, London to break some gaming-related Guinness World Records. El Rubius (Spain), Outconsumer (Spain), Callux (UK), KSI (UK) and Ali A (UK) have 8 million subscribers between them, and the live stream was presented by BBC DJ and presenter Iyare Igiehon.

Several records were attempted, two were beaten. The first record beaten was the fastest team to capture the flag in “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” on the “overflow map.” The team member with the controller had to be blindfolded, and the other had to give verbal instructions (pictured). Ali A and Outconsumer beat this record with a time of 01:00:52 (1 minute and 52 milliseconds).


The second record was broken by KSI and Callux. They each had to have one hand on the controller whilst doing a lap of Laguna Seca in “Grand Turismo 5” in the fastest time possible. They completed the lap in 1:38:36 (1 minute, 38 seconds and 36 milliseconds). Beating the records looked fairly easy, and given that the teams only rehearsed once less than an hour before the event, perhaps they were. However, as El Rubius put it, “It’s way more pressure doing it when there is 30 people watching you, and that’s just in the studio.” The event was 100% live, which according to Ali A is unusual, “Normally everything is pre-rehearsed and prerecorded. It’s more fun to do it live.”


The live nature of the event combined with the presence of KSI made for a somewhat unpredictable hour of entertainment. KSI’s brand of humor appeals to a stereotypically young male gamer, in that it is crude and, some would say, inappropriate. Having said this, I was laughing at his antics the entire way through the show. Just before the event the talent were told in no uncertain terms that they weren’t allowed to swear, even in Spanish. “What about saying p*nis?” KSI asked, before the group all started pitching words they might like to use, none of which I will repeat here.


El Rubius, KSI and Callux are all managed by the multi-channel network Base79, and according to Callux, today’s event “is the first time Base79’s gamers have come together to collaborate live.”

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Ali Jardine is fabulously modest. He’d never tell you that, for example, he’s been making videos on YouTube since 2007 and nor would he tell you that he produced Stickaid, which raised over £20,000 for UNICEF back in 2011. You can follow him on Twitter and YouTube.

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