YouTube Geek Week Celebrates Caped Crusaders With Super Wednesday


YouTube’s Geek Week is running full steam like a steam-powered locomotive headed straight at a Steampunk convention that’s serving steamed dumplings for lunch. As part of the week-long celebration, YouTube has crowned today Super Wednesday in honor of all things caped, spandexed and / or covered in gamma slime.

To mark this tremendous celebration of supermen and women, YouTube conducted a site-wide keyword search to determine who was the most popular hero on the site. Unsurprisingly, Batman took the gold with 3,000,000,000 views. Following in second is Mjolnir’s owner Thor with 2,100,000,000 views while fan favorite Deadpool came in dead last out of 10 with 200,000,000 overall views.

To get your superhero fix in, check out the full Super Wednesday schedule below. YouTube smash!

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