YouTube Geek Week’s Global Geekery Day Celebrates All Things Anime and Doctor Who


YouTube is celebrating Geek Week today with a day that celebrates all things geeky around the world. Hosted by The YOMYOMF Channel, Global Geekery Day features all things anime, music parodies and the latest Doctor Who news. Chester See will host and curate Global Geekery Day, which features content from YOMYOMF, SoulPancake, The Nerdist and much more.

Check out the video highlights from today’s Global Geekery Day below:

How to Make a Viral Video: All Star by Smash Mouth Parody from SoulPancake

Naruto The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer) from Ryan Higa

How to be More Asian (Music Parody Video) from YOMYOMF

Doctor Who’s MATT SMITH & JENNA COLEMAN: 10 Whovian Facts You Need to Know from Nerdist

Alex Day on the TARDIS set – Teenage Rebel behind the scenes from Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi is introduced to the world as the next Doctor! – Doctor Who from BBC

10 Best YouTube Animations From Around The World with Warwick Davis  from Alltime 10s

18 DAYS Animated Series Premiere – Episode 1: The Tale of the Four Ages from Graphic India

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ EPISODE 1 of 47 PRELUDE ZZ from DAISUKI

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