YouTube Set To Open Creator Space For NYC in 2014


YouTube will be opening up its second Space for its creators in New York City next year, executives from the video-streaming site announced during their keynote speech at VidCon 2013.

The studios will be located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, and much like YouTube’s other Spaces in Los Angeles, London and Tokyo, it will feature high-tech camera equipment, editing facilities, sound stages and spaces for creator training. Adding a YouTube facility in New York City would serve content creators based in the East Coast of the United States, which already boasts a number of online video productions. It would also compete with other video-streaming sites that have a significant presence in New York City like Vimeo and Dailymotion.

Besides the new YouTube Space opening in New York City next year, another big announcement made at the YouTube keynote speech is the newly launched Top Fans feature. The feature lets creators engage with their most-engaged fans by adding them into Circles and also directly messaging them.

YouTube is also expanding its live stream capabilities to content creators with more than 100 subscribers and improved YouTube smartphone apps that now feature playlists and better search capabilities.

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