YouTube Sharing Update Adds Two Russian Social Media Networks, Drops Myspace and Blogger


YouTube has made a few changes to its sharing options, including the addition of two Russian-based social media networks.

The video streaming site has added LiveJournal and Odnoklassniki to its sharing options, but has dropped Myspace and blogging platform Blogger from its list. The absence of Blogger from YouTube’s sharing options is interesting because Blogger and YouTube are both owned by Google.


Joshua Wiedling, founder and CEO of the Digital Tour Bus, told NMR about YouTube’s changes. He found out about them when he shared his channel’s latest video featuring the band Filter.

He sees the changes as a “clear direction for Google’s products and future view growth.”

Wiedling explains his reasons why YouTube may have added LiveJournal and Odnoklassniki at the expense of Myspace and Blogger: “A lot of users are already sharing and viewing YouTube videos on these sites, and Google wants to ease the sharing process or Google sees growth potential in Russia and wants to incorporate more of the social networks they use. Although, if is the case, then the obvious addition would be VK since that is the largest social network in Russia and second largest overall site in Russia, behind Yandex – according to”

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