YouTuber Lohanthony Now Has His Own Stipple Portrait Courtesy Of The Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal just cannot stop giving out stipple portraits. Also known as “hedcuts,” the portraits feature a prominent figure in global culture intricately rendered using tiny ink dots that imitate shadow and light. In the past, hedcuts were given to influential political figures, entertainers and athletes — then things got a little Gen. Y.

Earlier this year, WSJ issued a hedcut to internet celebrity and non-human Grumpy Cat. The portrait was a terrific nod towards Generation Y’s obsession with internet culture and the often unprecedented figures who define it.


Joining the pantheon of hedcuts right beside President Obama and Mikhail Gorbachev this week is none other than YouTuber Anthony Quintal (Lohanthony). Quintal, among other YouTube creators, was the subject of a WSJ article centering around VidCon 2013 and how each creator coped with fans.

Next up for WSJ hedcuts: Don Draper’s whiskey glass, Jenna Marble’s dogs and “Average Reddit User,” which will be a stocky guy with a neck beard.


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