YouTube’s Geek Week Goes Multi-Player With Gaming Thursday Schedule

YouTube’s Geek Week has so far covered anime, memes and superheroes, and today, the video streaming site is on to video games with Gaming Thursday. Networks Machinima and Maker Studios’ Polaris will be curating the event with videos dedicated to multiplayer battles, classic video games and the future of video games. Gaming Thursday will culminate into a live streaming event at the YouTube Space L.A. this afternoon at 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET with a gaming discussion featuring Jamie Kennedy, Team Unicorn, Dodger Leigh, Jesse Cox and Eric Pumphrey.

For all things gaming, check out the full schedule of Gaming Thursday below:

COPS: Skyrim – Season 3 – Episode 1 from Nerdist

10 Video Games Brought To Life with Danny Wallace from Alltime 10s

Combat Facts! – Testing Out Vehicular Combat from GameTrailers

YouTube at WAR! Epic Video Game BATTLE! From Machinima

MULTI-PLAYER – Games Bring us Together from Polaris

The Gravity Gun (Geek Week) from CorridorDigital

PS4 and Xbox One: Where Do We Stand Now? From IGN

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