7 Qualities Every Good YouTube Manager Must Have

4. They see your brand beyond YouTube

Finding creative ways to monetize your channel is great, but what you also have to realize is that you have access to an audience that you can bring out of YouTube to potentially find additional lucrative opportunities. This can include putting out premium content on your website to building an actual business like Michelle Phan has done with Ipsy.com or Wong Fu Productions with their Awkward Animals line.


5. They are great with people

One of the best ways to build a channel is to collaborate with other talented individuals for cross promotion opportunities. Having a manager who is great at making connections and knows how to reach out to people for collaborative opportunities and other business deals can be pivotal in building your audience long-term. They need to know how to sell your channel on why a collaboration is mutually beneficial — even if you have a lower subscriber count than them. For example, if you’re an amazing singer, your manager should know how to sell you to a channel like Kurt Hugo Schneider’s, who is always showcasing upcoming talents on his channel

6. They get things done

Anyone can talk about all the “big players” they know and all the amazing things they can do for you, but execution and delivery is a whole other story. While it might be common sense, I’ve seen this happen enough times amongst the YouTube talents I know to mention it here. One way to really see if someone is serious in building your brand is to simply request that they do some small things for you first. This can be as little as showing you a proposal to outright offering you a potential gig they’ve set up for you. Remember the old saying: “Action speaks louder than words!”

7. They are not short-sighted

A good manager truly believes in you and works with you for the long-term. They shouldn’t expect any money from you upfront and they understand the real prize is down the road. While I understand that everyone needs to eat, I would highly suggest you look for a manager that already has a thriving business or is financially comfortable. In the end this is your career we are talking about – you need someone that truly is able to put in the hard word and risk into you with hopes that you will be successful in the end.

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