Arcade Fire Syncs Their New Album To ‘Black Orpheus,’ Debuts on YouTube [VIDEO]

Do you like Arcade Fire? Do you love Greek tragedies set during Carnival? This might just be the best day of your life. Arcade Fire just released their entire new album Reflektor to stream on YouTube — and get this: it’s synced up to the 1959 movie “Black Orpheus.”

Remember how Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” allegedly synced up to “The Wizard of Oz”? Yeah, that was a crock of shit — this is legit. Of course, I’m not sure how I feel about an album that was based on a movie I didn’t give a damn about when it didn’t have an Arcade Fire overdub, but I’ll tell you this: it makes “Black Orpheus” better. Does the stunt have the same effect on the album though? In a sense, it cheapens it. Arcade Fire is one of those bands people listen to for depth of lyrics and when you are more or less just singing the visuals of a so-so art film, you’re not exactly bringing a sense of profound philosophy to my eardrums. Then again, the fact that they made “Black Orpheus” more endurable is philosophy enough. Watch the thing in its entirety; you won’t be disappointed.

The new Arcade Fire album “Reflektor” drops on October 28, but I get the vibe that without the “Black Orpheus” visuals on YouTube, I won’t enjoy it nearly so much. The concept makes two weaker projects stronger, if you get what I’m saying.

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