Reddit’s Favorite Movie Lines As Done By Arnold Schwazenegger On YouTube [VIDEOS]

I completely “get” the popularity of Reddit — it’s a forum for all those people who grew up thinking they were going to change the world to get together and pontificate and feel important by voting on other people’s comments and projects. It allows us all to be a sort of Caesar thumbs upping or thumbs downing hopes, dreams and cat videos. There is perhaps no better feeling in a Redditor’s day than downvoting some doofus into oblivion because he didn’t add the apostrophe to “youre.” And yet, the site works.


It has become a regular stop on the promotional tour for bands, actors and authors to shill for attention via an AMA (Ask Me Anything). Of course, some, like former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, have taken the Reddit experience to heart and become sort of Redditors themselves. Schwarzenegger, who is one of the more popular “regular” celebrity poster/commenters on the site has frequently popped in to make comments on fellow AMAs for other celebrities, posted challenges to the bodybuilding subreddits, and now, in support of his next film, “Escape Plan,” has enacted a new level of promotional marketing.

Redditors got the power to vote on their favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie lines. He then recorded them to YouTube and everybody celebrated by bestowing the clips with their views. Of course, in addition to the likes of beloved lines from “Kindergarten Cop” and “Predator” he also managed to slip in a line from “Escape Plan.” And because NMR is a shill for all things Reddit and YouTube, we totally bought in and have given “Escape Plan” (in theatres everywhere) the free publicity Schwarzenegger wanted. Good work, governator. But would it have killed you to record, “You’re a funny guy, Sully. I like you — that’s why I’m going to kill you last”?


Who is Your Daddy…

Put That Cookie Down:

It’s Not a Tumor:

Room For My Fist:

Conan the Barbarian’s Mantra:

Get to the choppa:

Escape Plan:

I’ll Be Back:

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