AwesomenessTV Releases First Episode of Chester See Musical Series ‘Side Effects’

Back in April when we interviewed YouTube heartthrob Chester See, he teased his starring role in one of AwesomenessTV’s upcoming “temple shows,” a musical called “Side Effects” that he compared to 90s TV’s “Party of Five.”


See told NMR about the show:

So the family is this broken family and what not; it’s a drama, a hour show. I play the oldest brother, Keith — I am sort of the ‘Matthew’ of the group I guess — and I’m taking care of the family. Our mom died of cancer and our dad said he was going for a drive and never returned. I come back from college to make sure my little — I have two little brothers, two little sisters, twins that are 17 years of age, a 15-year-old little sister and a 13-year-old little brother — and the gimmick of the show, the way we get away with it being a musical is the youngest girl who is going through all of this craziness, she is on this medication that has side effects. And the side effects are hallucinations of song and dance so at moments she’ll see things in very ‘Smash’ or ‘Glee.’ We bust into song and it’s all in her head but it is how she is perceiving the moment.

Well, the time to relive the feelings from your “Party of Five” TV-watching glory days has arrived, because AwesomenessTV quietly uploaded the first episode of “Side Effects” yesterday, the first day of YouTube Music Week. Beside our exclusive chat with Chester, AwesomnessTV had debuted a trailer for the show during Vidcon Week back in April.

The show is co-produced by AwesomenessTV and Universal Cable Productions and stars YouTubers like Chester See, Lia Marie Johnson, Taryn Southern, Meghan Rosette and Vincent Cyr.


In an effort to appeal to the hip young crowd who’d consume the show, AwesomenessTV is pushing the sale of  the “Side Effects’” soundtrack, which features tracks from Ke$ha, David Guetta and P!nk. Missed opportunity, guys – you really could’ve had the “Party of Five” crowd if you had just included some ‘N Sync or Savage Garden jamz too.

In a statement, AwesomenessTV CEO and founder Brian Robbins said:

“We are convinced that YouTube will become a new launching pad for long-form television style content, which is why we decided to debut a 42-minute version of ‘Side Effects’ on AwesomenessTV. ‘Side Effects’ combines YouTube stars and trends with television narrative and production values, which we believe will be the wave of the future, particularly for our teen/tween audience.”

You can watch the first episode below:

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