Classic ‘Star Wars’ Blooper Reel Leaked Onto YouTube — Watch While You Can [VIDEO]

The Mouse House’s purchase of the “Star Wars” franchise just keeps on giving: one of their editors, scraping the bottom of the barrel for old archival footage, has now posted a blooper reel on YouTube. The footage was first displayed at Comic Con, but no word on whether it is an authorized posting (as it hasn’t been released via one of their officially sanctioned YouTube channels). Disney has the perception of being litigious as hell (I even had to word that carefully), so we’ll see what happens. While the footage is mostly silent, it’s all collected from the original trilogy and not that “Eraserhead”-esque bastard of a trilogy that George Lucas shit out a decade ago. Now it’s up to you whether this footage of flubbed lines and malfunctioning props stokes your precious memories of this great series or if it pisses all over them.

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