Dad Lip Syncs To Daughter’s Tantrum — It’s Like Catnip for Family-Oriented News Outlets [VIDEO]

There are a couple ways to become “viral” in the video world. One of them is to have a legitimately good, funny video. The other is to film an obnoxious, yet family-friendly clip that news stations will go nuts over and use in their bullshit “Hey, we’re down with new media” segment. This clip is one of the latter. That isn’t to say it’s bad, it’s just sort of … whatever. And yet, news outlets are gaga over this clip and playing it like it’s the second coming of Jesus’ younger, cooler brother Trent. I dunno, watch this video and laugh if you want, but for some reason it seems wrong to me. Like if I laugh, I’m buying in to the corporate machine — like those people who laugh at the generic one-liners Bob Saget used to spout on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Those lines weren’t funny or clever, and yet, people laughed because the corporate machine dictated it. Same thing here — only less Bob Saget.

Here are some other Bob Saget-less clips that feel corporate and mechanical:

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