Dane Boedigheimer Talks New Annoying Orange Channel Show ‘The Misfortune of Being Ned’ [INTERVIEW]

Dane Boedigheimer’s Annoying Orange YouTube channel has over 3.3 million subscribers and is the original home to the namesake series that is now also a full-length TV series on Cartoon Network. The series’ successful crossover into television is one of the very rare (as in, two) instances of a YouTube property making such a leap, and so when a new series is added to the Annoying Orange channel, NMR takes note – because we’re good new media students like that.

That new series is “The Misfortune of Being Ned,” a stick figure-style animated series that revolves around a cheerful boy named Ned who experiences a lot of … misfortune. The show features the voices of several YouTubers, most prominently SourceFed’s Steve Zaragoza as the voice of Ned, Kevin Brueck and Stylehaul’s Meghan Camarena.

I talked with Dane to learn more about the origins of his new show, what other plans he has for his channel, and why Annoying Orange is so unbearably annoying to grown ups. Okay, well not the last part, but someone needs to address it with him at some point, damn it.

How did the idea for “The Misfortune of Being Ned” come about?

Dane Boedigheimer: It came from a development session with my team. We get together and brainstorm ideas every once in a while, and someone threw out this idea of a happy-go-lucky kid that gets something good, but that good thing always leads to something bad. We all really liked the concept and it just went from there. We brainstormed for a couple hours, and by then, we knew we had the next show for the channel.

What was it about SourceFed’s Steve Zaragoza that made him the perfect choice to voice Ned?

Steve is AWESOME. If you meet Steve in person, you know instantly why he’s perfect for the part of Ned. He’s super happy, upbeat and full of positive energy. Steve is one of those guys that brings the mood of the room up as soon as he walks in, and that’s exactly the kind of energy we wanted for Ned. Ned may have horrible things happen to him all the time, but no matter what he’s always positive and upbeat.

Beyond this new series, are there any others in the works for the Annoying Orange channel?

Definitely! We’ve got all sorts of fun things planned for the channel, including a brand new show revolving around one of the most popular characters from Annoying Orange — Marshmallow! It’s going to be a ton of fun. We’ve been so focused on putting out the Annoying Orange episodes for so long that it’s fun to be able to step outside of the kitchen and try some new things!

What’s your ultimate goal for the Annoying Orange channel empire? Do you ever plan to step into more adult-themed animation shows?

Really the ultimate goal is to keep putting out new IP and shows, and really make AO a destination. I want there to be something there for anyone. Even if you might not like Annoying Orange, there will be a bunch of other animations/shows that people can enjoy. As far as more adult-themed material, we are doing more of that sort of thing on my other channel. We actually just released another new cartoon over there called “Thunder Mcwylde” about a retired street fighter trying to live life in the normal world. Unfortunately the normal world isn’t built for his strength, and that leads to some hairy situations.


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