FreddieW Pulls Key & Peele Into The Best Mexican Standoff Ever [VIDEO]

Ahh, the further blurring of the line between “YouTube celebrity” and celebrity. We pushed to take those quotations off before, but we barked too loud and an investor pulled our funding. So, for now, we’ve got them back in place, but fortunately FreddieW is making waves by bringing actor/comedians Key & Peele in on the best Mexican Standoff ever filmed.

I won’t spoil the joke, but lets just say that riffing on Mexican standoffs has been done to death, so for them to make me laugh is something special. It lags a tiny bit towards the end, but Rocket Jump has put out something solid and fun. Also, there’s a good cameo going on here. He isn’t playing Officer Sminkle, but then this isn’t Chico, if you know what I mean.

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