Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart’s ‘Camp Takota’ Movie Is Currently Homeless


Once upon a time, popular YouTube stalwarts Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart starred in a movie called “Camp Takota.” This magical film had further YouTuber involvement because it was directed by the Brothers Riedell (Chris and Nick Riedell) and also starred YOMYOMF’s Chester See. YouTube viewers across the land pushed up their retainers — which had come loose when their jaws dropped – and then finally started believing in God (although their belief in Miley Cyrus did not waver).

Of course, God ended up letting them down (while Miley is still delivering – she can’t stop [cue rimshot]): Chill, the site through which the movie was to be distributed, laid off nearly half their staff and would no longer be the vendor for the movie, or any other movie for that matter, according to The Wrap.

That of course leaves “Camp Takota,” a movie that already has nearly 88,000 anticipatory fans on their Chill page and stars a YouTube threesome that has more than 3 million subscribers and around 700,000 Twitter followers combined, currently homeless.

So where to next? Would-be viewers can be assured that the movie will be sold somewhere at some point soon since the stars’ followings are too large not to be capitalized on. Who knows if the movie is even any good? Doesn’t matter – their fans will flock. Aside from possibly throwing the movie on YouTube for free — because YouTube fans aren’t down for free video content — a push to be sold on iTunes or Amazon Instant Video makes obvious sense. Netflix would also seem to be a viable option since they gave a home to Freddie Wong’sVideo Game High School” series.

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