Haunted Doll Always Appears in the Bag You Choose — Damn Math, You Scary [VIDEO]

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A hot video making the rounds on social media just in time for Halloween is one uploaded on the 1 million plus-subscribed Quirkology YouTube channel by Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology in the UK. I know how you feel, Richard – years and years of graduate school and you end up needing YouTube videos to supplement your income. Or maybe, maybe, it’s just because … we need the attention *sob.* You’re the psychologist, Richard, you tell me.

You can watch the video here, since the ol’ doc was smart enough to earn a doctorate but not smart enough to allow embeds. Here’s beloved NMR Senior Editor Jeff Klima’s thoughts on that.

Anyhow, the video features a trick wherein you choose a bag, any bag, and you always end up on the same “haunted doll.” Of course, it’s just a basic algorithm that leads you to the same place every damn single time. Wouldn’t this “trick” have been more horrifying if a Miley Cyrus performance were revealed under the bag? This “haunted doll” looks like it just came straight out of its Dollar Tree packaging to “spook” and “haunt” us YouTube viewers. You could’ve at least roughed it up a bit, threw a little fake blood on it or something, Simon. It’s Halloween time after all, sheesh.