It’s A Scream: YouTube Space L.A. Hosts Its First Halloween Party

Screen shot 2013-10-31 at 11.56.41 AM

The YouTube Creator Space in L.A. is a sort of magical playground for all the wacky, innovative minds of YouTubers to come together and mingle — so you can mostly only imagine what kind of craziness ensues when Halloween hits and all the costumes come out.

Celebrating the first-ever Halloween at the YouTube Space in L.A., a host of YouTubers came out to party and show off the likes of some of the most dazzling costumes this side of Hollyweird. Olga Kay, of course, made a lovely Scarlett O’Hara, one guy was wearing nothing but actual gutted pumpkins, and there was the most realistic Ghostbuster proton pack I’ve ever seen — I actually think the damn thing worked. Good thing I wasn’t dressed as a ghost (cheesy, hack writer laughter inserted here).

But the festivities weren’t just about dancing and carousing — it is YouTube after all, and these people are creators — they need substance. So of course, in addition to the DJ, there was a series of Collabween short films on display in one of the theaters from the likes of Shane Dawson, BlackBoxTV (natch), PrankvsPrank and Totally Sketch.

Also, a pumpkin-smashing affair went down — watch out, guy dressed as pumpkins (more laughter here) — filmed by the Space’s new high-speed Phantom Camera (footage will be up soon on the Space channel, I promise). All in all, YouTube knows how to put on a pretty damn good Halloween party — I feel lucky to have made it out alive.