Jason Horton Tears At The Racial Divide With ‘Haunted House For White People’ [VIDEO]

I like Jason Horton — word on the street is that he doesn’t care much for me, but I think we are both fighting the same battle regarding race and racism. I just use cruelty and casual malevolence where he uses humanity and diplomacy. I am Machiavelli to his … I don’t know, fucking Ghandi. But Jason has been doing very interesting work lately and I think that is commendable. He’s ebbed into his “racial period” if we are going to get artistic about it. His latest video, “Haunted House for White People,” openly pokes fun at the sort of stereotypes that prevail around white people — from our willingness to pay silly surcharges to our newfound terror of gluten. I love the concept of this and want to see more in the similar vein — after all we can’t very well eradicate racism if we treat every mention of it like the elephant in the room. Importantly, Jason gets that and works exactly in that medium.

I reached out to Jason (through an intermediary, natch) to ask if more videos were coming, ones regarding the stereotyping of other races, and he good-naturedly (although cautiously — the way a gopher peeks its head out of the hole) responded, “I’ve made many race related videos on my channel. The goal always being to make me the joke, and shine a light on stereotypes in a (hopefully) comedic fashion.” Jason, relax. I’m on your side. Keep putting out the interesting content and lets tear down this wall together.

Here’s more from the lively Mr. Horton:

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