Joey Graceffa Gets Pwned By YouTube Video From Guy Who Had Joey’s Car Towed

Sweet sassy molassy! This is such a badass smackdown of Joey Graceffa. Graceffa had his car towed after blocking a driveway by a couple of inches. He then went on to complain about the likely person who had done it and how they were “fat,” “lazy” and a “slut.” Turns out the person whose driveway it was, actor/comedian Nate Clark is neither fat, lazy nor a slut. In fact, Nate had a pretty good iPhone picture of Joey’s Prius blocking his entire driveway. Nate then went on to divulge Graceffa’s tax information which he’d just left lying on the front seat. This burn is such a total annihilation they should make it a “Fatality” in the next iteration of “Mortal Kombat.”

Welcome to the world of fame, Joey Graceffa. It’s got its ups and its downs. I should know; I stalk famous people and eat their garbage.

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