Kid’s Light-Up LED Costume Beats Your ‘Lady Gaga’ Costume By A Mile [CUTE VIDEO]

Halloween is without question the third best holiday of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Halloween the best of ALL holidays, but it pales in comparison to “Present Day” (December 25th) and “Eat Tons of Good Food And Watch Football Day” (every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the Fall). But Halloween brings its share of fun too — first off, girls in slutty outfits. Second, candy. Third? Scary stuff. Fourth? Cute little kids wearing cute outfits while in search of candy. This costume falls into the latter category rather than the first category (well, I suppose that depends on your worldview, creep), but it is amazing to see how Halloween costumes have gotten more elaborate over the years. When my dad was young, a Halloween costume was basically a bed sheet with two holes cut out for eyes. When I was young, my Halloween costume consistently revolved around being the beat-up son of an abusive drunk. Of course, it was only a costume as my father was neither abusive nor a drunk, thank god. But nowadays, yowza, kids have it pretty sweet.

Here are some other costumes with varying degrees of awesomeness:

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