Light Show Feating Ylvis’ ‘The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)’ is Required Halloween Viral Viewing [VIDEO]

Ah, Halloween. The time of year for all manner of ghouls and goblins and other scary stuff. Also the time of year when women and gay men have an excuse to dress like themed hookers in public (an excuse other than the excuse of actually being hookers). This year, I’m going as “Pokemon” protagonist Ash Ketchum, because all I had to do was look like Ash Ketchum (tough, tough assignment), and my significant other is going as a tall, gangly Pikachu, because the costume can be Del Taco-level ratchet and people will still get the idea if you’re at least wearing yellow and you adorably say “pi-ka” every once in a while.

But enough about my night of celebrating Halloween by dressing up as a cartoon character while also being an adult male — saving most of that for my therapist — here’s a YouTube video that’s sure to scald your retinas it’s so hot. For one thing, it’s a Halloween video, which is right around the corner (duh). Secondly, it’s a light show, viral videos of which NMR has covered throughout the years for no other explicable reason other than we like shiny things. Thirdly, the song the lights are synced up to is the super-viral Ylvis’ “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)”.  So enjoy, enjoy, because according to the video info, the creator responsible for this display propped up over 8,500 lights and used around 1,066 channels of computer animation, as a hobby, and also for your enjoyment. Enjoy, soon-to-be Halloween hookers.

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