Little Blind Girl’s Cover of ‘Wrecking Ball’ Makes Miley Cyrus Seem So ‘Miley Cyrus’ in Comparison [VIDEO]

Update: The original Facebook video was pulled, so a replacement YouTube video has been put in below.

Ah, the Philippines. Where children are born with abnormally sized diaphragms, strong vocal chords and the chops to sing big American love ballads. Of course, the whole great singers thing could just be something unique to the Filipino cultural milieu, but I’d rather subscribe to the idea that different ethnicities are just naturally good at different things. Aah, so much easier and less complicated– my mind is now freed up to write about YouTubers doing stuff and being amazing and special.

A video of a blind Filipino girl purported to be in the fifth grade (you never know with these Filipinos – even the older ones sometimes seem runty) singing Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” uploaded to Facebook two days ago has garnered nearly 230,000 likes and over 100,000 shares. The girl reads the lyrics in Braille as she sings.

Let’s face it: Whether or not you think this little wonder’s rendition of “Wrecking Ball” is better than Miley’s (which the great majority of commentors on the video seem to wholeheartedly agree with), all of us non-crazies should at least agree that there is something much more touching about an “undiscovered,” blind Filipino girl singing a song perfectly well than the twerk-loving, cooties-ridden, entitled, narcissistic, purposefully and provocatively ass-naked celebrity daughter of a celebrity “singing” the same song perhaps more perfectly well (you see, I gave her the benefit of the doubt). In other words, little Filipino girl, thank you for giving us an alternative to Miley.

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