Maker Unveils Maker Max — The Ultimate Analytic Dashboard

Maker Studios continues to redefine the way YouTubers interact with their fans and control their destinies. Introducing Maker Max, the online video production giant has taken an enormous stride forward in shoring up the analytical side of their business model.


Traditionally, they’d focused on the more common methods of data management and analysis, but with their new Maker Max, Maker network clients will now have easier access to a vast pool of resources including their likes, shares, revenue and fan demographics all in one handy place. Anytime there is a mention of a certain Maker celebrity on, say, Facebook or Twitter, that mention will pop up on the celeb’s Maker Max page, allowing for better fan interaction. There is also a chat function built in so the Maker network stars can interact with each other in a forum environment for more accessible collaborations and technical troubleshooting.

“We have access to an enormous amount of data, and we spend a lot of time looking at data in a variety of ways,” Maker’s Chief Technical Officer Ryan Lissack told Tech Crunch.

The introduction of Maker Max is the latest push in a brand strengthening campaign for Maker that involves all the multi-channel networks and their quest to keep ahead of the technology. Better information makes for better YouTube videos which makes for better YouTubers and happier customers. Good work, Maker, you’ve earned your gold star for the day.

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