‘Motorboating’ Controversy Costs Breast Cancer Charity $2080: An Interview With SimplePickup

Big boobs, little boobs, fake boobs, real boobs — what makes for the best ‘motorboating’ experience?

Jason: Hmm…

The large-but-not-too-large sized, real boobs were generally the best ones. However, a good motorboat is defined more so by the technique than the actual breast size. The correct way to motorboat is to gently cup each breast and push them together. While you’re pushing the two together, bury your nose in her breast-crevice and rock your head side to side. You should then start moving your lips to make a loud “brrr” sound.

If you don’t push her breasts together first and make that sound when you go in, the motorboat experience will be significantly less awesome.

Did you learn anything about yourselves when you were facedown in tittay?

Kong: Yes, we found God.

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