Top 5 Great Cat Videos in Celebration of ‘National Cat Day’

These furry felines might not quite make “Mount Catmore” but if not, then they are definitely the alternates …

The funniest thing in the world to me (at this particular moment) is a cat absolutely going batshit insane off of catnip. And yet, today on National Cat Day, not a single catnip video held my interest or made me laugh out loud (or cringe) in the way that these other five videos did. This means that if you have a great cat who reacts awesomely to catnip — not just rolling around in it, but really going f**king nuts — then post it because this time next year, I’ll be hunting for it. In the meantime, these 5 videos will do nicely.

5. Sound Effects-Heavy Eating of A Spider (By Cats)

While the others are on the cute side, this vid errs towards the gross side. Particularly when the spider dangles from its webbing attached to the cat’s mouth. You know you’re screwed when … The sound effects are a nice touch though.

4. Cat Hiccups And Farts At The Same Time

Is there anything funnier than animals’ inability to comprehend their own existence? This cat is the me of cats. Just sayin’.

3. Cat Attacks Guy’s Testicles

I would post this video on our site every day if I could. Quite possibly the fussiest cat ever … and right after he talks about how loveable it is. I wonder if this cat ever found a home. I’ve got to believe the answer is “no.”

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