Nick Offerman ‘Does The Ron Swanson Thing’ Again For Another Movember Campaign [VIDEO]

Man, this video really stymies me. On the one hand, I think it is great that there is a push for male cancer awareness. On the other hand, I just really think they are killing the “Ron Swanson” brand. Granted, Made Man, the site that promotes the “Movember” campaign uses Nick Offerman as their spokesperson, and he is “Ron Swanson,” the breakout character from “Parks and Recreation,” but to see this video … I don’t know, it’s just sort of sad. I think of a horse slowly getting beat to death. Imagine Nick Offerman being Nick Offerman, promoting Movember — now that’s something. But to see him doing “Ron Swanson” without the licensing rights to use the “Ron Swanson” name, well, it almost reeks of desperation now. Last year it was funny and unique, this year: eh, tired.

As a man with a longstanding bushy mustache, I respect the honor code of guys being manly men and not kowtowing to “manscaping” trends and “metrosexual” stigmas. But Nick Offerman trotting out a bit from his show year after year isn’t manly, it’s cloying. There’s got to be someone else with a mustache in this world who can tell it like it is …


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