Peter Hollens, DevinSuperTramp & the Gardiner Sisters Team Up For ‘Pirate Medley’ [VIDEO]

YouTube acapella icon Peter Hollens (who else?) is back with another viral video, this time a collaboration with DevinSuperTramp and the Gardiner Sisters.

The three YouTube parties responsible for the video have been working on “Pirate Medley” since the beginning of June, and their long toil shows. The song, an original inspired by Disney’s “Pirates of Caribbean” movies, is a rousing mash-up of some of YouTube’s finest voices, and the video features a mix of action and comedy, the latter of which is anchored (get it?) by new YouTuber Christian Busath as an *ahem* full-figured Jack Sparrow.

Peter told NMR about the collab:

Devin and I have been planning a few collaborations, even one epic video game collab that I’ve had the audio done for 18 months now, but he’s so busy we haven’t been able to work it in yet. We’ve kept in contact since our “Skyrim” cover with Lindsey [Sterling], and we had wanted to do this pirates medley for a long time now. The idea came from Hailey, one of the amazing Gardiner Sisters, and we finally had a chance to squeeze it together once Devin had a small hole in his schedule. He is one of the hardest working YouTubers I know.

On how the video was made, Peter said:

I recorded all the parts initially in my studio, and then sent the girls their parts to record earlier this summer and had the entire song done about four months ago — we were just waiting for a time for all our schedules to unite! I could never spend enough time in Utah — just a fabulous place filled with such loving people!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video from DevinSuperTramp below:

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