‘The Ring’ Gets Seinfeld’s Laugh Track Added In — Works Better Than It Should [VIDEO]

Ahh, a cozy Friday. What better day than to sit down and snuggle in with another fantastic overdub? If you bothered to watch the Arcade Fire/”Black Orpheus” mashup and found it a little too artsy-fartsy, then I have just the cure for what ails ya. How about a mashup of Japanese horror remake “The Ring” and the laugh track from “Seinfeld”? This little-seen (9,000 or so views in a day and a half) gem from YouTuber Matin Comedy strips all darkness from Gore Verbinski’s creepy little slice of supernatural whodunit and replaces it with, well, something slightly more campy.

My only fear now is that I will never be able to watch “The Ring” without thinking, “Newman!” again.

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