The Young Turks Are Fundraising For The Sanctity of Independent Journalism at Indiegogo

I’ve always thought of The Young Turks as NMR’s big brother. They shine the beacon of journalism and combine it with new media in an attempt to make the world glow a little brighter. We at NMR just try to keep the shit from falling into the fan too often.

It’s usually the other way around, but today The Young Turks could benefit from us paying them a little lip service. They’re running an Indiegogo campaign in an effort to raise $250,000 in an effort to keep independent journalism alive and kicking. If you’re an enormous fan of the movie “Network” like I am (and you damn well should be — best movie ever written), you know exactly what happens when a news organization gets associated with corporate money — the truth gets compromised. So if $250,000 is what it takes to keep The Young Turks running the way it always has been, bringing the unbiased straight talk regarding the world around us, consider it a bargain.

I hit up Cenk Uygur, face of The Young Turks corps, hoping that he had something positive, but not terribly offensive to say about us, his global audience. It had to be pleasant and generic, but still imbue the spirit of TYT’s message. Fortunately, he delivered:

“The core of The Young Turks is how connected we are to our audience. That’s the essence of new media. This is another way for us to be connected, indebted and bonded to our audience. We know who our boss is – the viewers. They are The Young Turks.”

Right now, they’re holed up in a studio at the YouTube Creator Space, but that’s a temporary solution. They need their own digs, free and clear of corporate intervention — and you can help. Go to their Indiegogo campaign, appropriately titled, “Lets Build It Together” and offer up some support in the form of money, goodwill, promotion, or, most importantly, people, MONEY!!!


Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper campaign without TYT offering up some badass swag. They know as well as anyone that you’ve got to give a little to get a little. Nothing is free in this world (sob). And so, amongst the delightful array of “standard” fundraising options (hoodie, access, voicemail greeting) they are also giving out something called, “The World’s Most Comfortable Shirt,” which I am excited about(!) as well as, get this, the ability to name one of the studio cameras! Forever after, when they talk to that camera, it will be referenced by the name you give it. Too bad I don’t have a spare $5,000 lying around or “Dr. Jeff’s Sexy Bedroom Cam” would become a reality.

The fundraising ends December 6, but don’t be that person who waits ‘til the last minute and misses out on the good stuff. Get over to Indiegogo today and help keep The Young Turks going strong.

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