Tori Kelly’s ‘Foreword’ EP Reaches No. 3 On iTunes Top 100 Album Charts

YouTuber Tori Kelly adds yet another dose of legitimacy to the YouTube star-making machine with her EP “Foreword” reaching No. 3 on the iTunes sales charts. Coming in behind only Katy Perry’s “Prism,” and the EP “Better Together” from Fifth Harmony, the mark is a high water testament to the power of YouTube — and Kelly’s manager Scooter Braun, who also manages other YouTube superstars: Justin Bieber and Psy.

Kelly came up the classic routes, competing on “Star Search” and “American Idol,” but it was her persistence and new media work that helped her garner the attention of some of music’s biggest names. Congrats Tori — do us a favor and kick Katy Perry out of that No. 1 spot. That whole “Russell Brand marriage thing” broke our hearts and we need a new pop princess.

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