YouTube Gamer TotalBiscuit Unlocks Copyright Blockade Over Scathing Review [VIDEOS]

Score one for America — even if it was a Brit doing all the work (we Americans take credit for everything if you haven’t noticed — ending WWII, that was all us). YouTube gamer TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit recently defeated (when dealing with gamers you have to speak in hyperbole) a gaming company who levied a copyright infringement claim against him for giving them a brutal review.

The company, Wild Game Studios, had granted TotalBiscuit a Steam key to do a review of their FPS-survival game “Day One: Garry’s Incident.” And of course, TotalBiscuit rightfully savaged the game for its numerous issues including slow transfer speeds, logical shortcomings, and unnecessary animation sequences. Wild Game Studios’ CEO Stephane Woods responded by slapping a copyright infringement notice on TotalBiscuit’s video, thereby forcing YouTube to shut it down.

TotalBiscuit then made a video detailing the cause and effect of the block. Shortly thereafter, Wild Game Studios felt the thunderous slap of millions of gamers crying out in defense of the first amendment, freedom of expression and all that, and removed the blockade. A note, posted originally to Kotaku, details the scope of Woods’ gaffe — stating that they didn’t realize that TotalBiscuit would be reviewing the game to make money but have decided to drop the copyright claim anyhow … yeah, um, okay. Look, Wild Game Studios, if you don’t want to get bad reviews, the easiest thing to do is make games that don’t suck. That’s easy enough, right?

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