YouTube Network Fullscreen Officially Launches Channel+ Service for Brands

YouTube network Fullscreen publically launched its Channel+ service today with the declared aim of helping brands better engage with YouTube audiences.


Fullscreen, a multi-channel network with over 15,000 YouTube channels under its management, has been quietly using Channel+ two years now, but officially launched the Channel+ initiative today with more features and as a separate, dedicated business division within the company.

The three new features for advertisers unveiled with the launch are: Brand Amplifier, which will identify and partner the proper YouTube“evangelists” with specific brands, Community Management, which helps brands conceptualize and navigate YouTube as a social network, and Channel Programming, which repurposes content and creates video mash-ups for brands to use on the channels they want to advertise on.

In its alpha stage, Channel+ operated as a management and tools service for Fullscreen creators that helped them optimize SEO, strategize for growth and provide competitive analysis. In its new form, Channel+ will continue to do the same but will also offer Fullscreen’s “team of personal strategists” to now court and assist brands directly.


Fullscreen COO Ezra Cooperstein said: “Over the past two years, we’ve been working to help brands garner the maximum possible return from YouTube. With this update we seamlessly facilitate brands to create a thriving community and achieve exponential growth. With Channel+ we’ve been able to increase brand views 2200 percent and grow subscribers 1500 percent across more than 100 channels, as well as give our partners an easy way to protect and manage their content, and better understand their audience’s behavior.”

Fullscreen’s YouTube clients include media companies like NBC, Fox, General Electric and Cartoon Network. Their creators include YouTube talents such as Sam Tsui, Jack Vale, David So and Lindsey Stirling.

Last week, Maker Studios released Maker Max, their own initiative to help shore up brand relations and provide advertisters with more resources.

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