Alison Gold Back With Somehow Worse Follow Up To ‘Chinese Food’ [VIDEO]

Well, Alison Gold has proven that she’s got some staying power in the “terrible music video” game. Following up her recent “hit” “Chinese Food,” she’s now moved on to the alphabet with her “ABCDEFG,” a song that makes me long for the nuanced and thoughtful lyrics of “Friday.”

I can’t decide quite where puppetmaster/song crafter Patrice Wilson falls on the spectrum — you’ve got this guy who obviously understands the formula for viral success: take naive young girl with rich parents, slap a nonsense music video around her and have her sing atrocious lyrics about banal crap like Chinese food or the alphabet. Or Thanksgiving. So obviously it’s working out for Patrice, but you’ve got to question the motives of a man who makes a video about slipping things into young girl’s drinks. Even if it’s only “Puppet Juice.” Also, why the hell does the puppet version of Patrice seem so much cooler than the actual version of Patrice? Man, I’d go clubbing with the puppet version of Patrice …

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