Alleged Prostitute Posts Footage Of Sleeping Justin Bieber to YouTube [VIDEO]

Muy Caliente!!!

So the Justin Bieber trainwreck continues as apparently this alleged Brazilian prostitute took footage of a sleeping Justin Bieber shirtless in a hotel room and posted it to la internet (la iñternete?).

Wow. Amidst all the stories about the YouTube star turned pop sensation, this footage seems like pretty damnable, image-hurting evidence of his shenanigans, if the as-yet-unidentified girl turns out to be a prostitute. Sure, this could all be beautiful and harmless — maybe this is just some top-notch Brazilian security specialist who snuck into the room to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of his security detail? Maybe a screw up in the hotel’s reservation system resulted in the pop star’s room being accidentally double-booked (sitcom material?)? Maybe he got a little inebriated and passed out in the wrong room? Or (cough, Occam’s razor) maybe he brought home and banged a hooker who didn’t understand his loose-leaf translation of “discretion.”

Whatever this turns out to be, just know that the girl filmed this in — ugh — landscape mode. Turn that camera 90 degrees next time. Also, I’m happy to know that no matter how much money the guy has, he has lousy taste in prostitutes.

Here’s more tabloid-style Justin Bieber footage:

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