Andrew Huang Raps About Not Using the Letter ‘E’ — Achievement Difficulty: Asian [VIDEO]

You know how you can tell a civilization is nearing its end? Gimmicks. When we reach a point that the “classic” style is no longer enough for us and we need to invent bizarre challenges and concoctions to make what was once interesting seem novel again, that’s how you know we are doomed. This is how we wind up with BBQ sauce on pizzas and things like this rap — where YouTuber Andrew Huang manages to wrestle out an entire rap song without once using the letter “E.” I don’t dispute his talent — it’s a goddamn catchy song. I just worry where we as a society will try to go once people start making rap songs without any words in them at all? Oh wait, they call that techno.

Here are some pleasant songs chock full of the letter “E”:

Ylvis, Norway’s ‘What Does The Fox Say’ Group, Sh*ts on Massachusetts With Their New Song [VIDEO]

Pentatonix Harmonizes the Works of Daft Punk into An A Cappella Supersong [VIDEO]

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