Bob Dylan Makes Viral Interactive Music Video For ‘Like A Rolling Stone’

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Alright, I’ll cop to the fact that I watched this video several, several times, each time liking it more and more. I’m torn between “The Price is Right” and the History Channel having my favorite versions of it. F**k it, the “PIR” takes it.

This is Bob Dylan getting into the digital video game, and though it isn’t quite as sensational as when the folk troubadour switched to electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival, it’s still a pretty terrific watch. Recording 16 “TV channels” of people singing along to “Like a Rolling Stone” (well, really 15, but Dylan’s own original music video for the song was just the first “channel” recorded). It’s a pretty spectacular feat and it makes watching music videos a shit of a lot more fun and compelling than whatever the hell that Kanye/Kim K. video was … yezus. Like a television set (I remember those!), you can flip through the channels and watch the near-seamless video in a near-infinite number of ways.

I wish I could embed the video, but you kind of have to go there — as over 1.5 million people did in the first 24 hours it went up. Click here to be amazed.

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