‘Captain Disillusion’ Pulls Back the Curtain on Viral ‘Miss Ping’; Tumba Ping Pong Show Responds [VIDEOS]

YouTube has its own Toto, pulling back the curtain on various viral videos to reveal the trickery that goes into making them hum. His name? Captain Disillusion. His game? Spoiling the “magic tricks” of e-showbiz. But is he a buzzkill or a crusader for truth? When the Captain Disillusion video broke, I dropped it off with the Tumba Ping Pong Show crew to gauge their reaction on it and see how pissed they were about someone trying to mess with their livelihood. Intriguingly, according to their publicist, Jim Fitzgerald, the team was pretty unfazed by it. He did mention that the team is gearing up for a new season and “It’s going to be off the hook.” He also mentioned that they are thinking of taking their performance to the stage “and of course ‘Captain Disillusion’ will be invited to the premiere.” Ouch. The ultimate saying plenty without saying anything at all.

My dad was a performing stage magician when I was growing up, so naturally I have a dislike for anyone giving away secrets, but we’ll see what the rest of the world thinks, based on the resulting numbers for Captain Disillusion’s video and the Tumba Ping Pong Crew’s next video. If I knew Latin, I would end on a cool Latin phrase saying “Let the numbers decide.” But I don’t, so there you go. Here are both videos; you be the judge.

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