Celebrate Not Going Black Friday Shopping By Watching Reddit’s First Live Stream

Reddit’s got a hot new idea for a live stream that is certain to be less pathetic than today’s “Black Friday” shopping. “Black Friday,” one of the more noxious traditions to become a big deal lately is now the anti-focus of the neckbeards. Reddit will be broadcasting an eight-hour live stream today as an alternative to the holiday madness. Shown via their holiday channel redditgifts.com and their YouTube page, Reddit will be hosting a crazy zany variety show chock full of comedy, music and celebrity guests. What sort of celebrity guests, you ask? How about Stephen Colbert? That do anything for you? Also, a bunch of other lesser known talents, like this guy:

Also, PeeWee Herman (via telephone), Jake and Amir, and a host of other names you sort of know will be on hand to distract you while your wife/mom/aunt/sister/girlfriend/spouse/effeminate male friend goes shopping. The event, which is acting as a sort of precursor to the giant Reddit Secret Santa gifting event, a now-yearly push to get into the record books for largest gift exchange ever, is the first live stream for the internet’s “front page” (their words, not mine). It will be interesting to see how well they pull the festivities off. Unfortunately, I will still be in a food coma for the next three days and have no intention of watching it. Damn you, tryptophan (how 1998 is that reference?).

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