Cooking With Dog: YouTube Food Channel Tastemakers Series [INTERVIEW]

Sometimes we do a series of interviews and I come away feeling like I haven’t found anything new or worth watching. Wonderfully, I’ve been delighted with all the channels I’ve encountered on Tastemade thus far. And normally, I could be accused of blowing smoke up people’s asses and just being full of manufactured sunshine — that is not the case here. In addition to Vegan Black Metal Chef, I also got to chat up Cooking with Dog, a slyly subversive cooking channel that I think is smarter than it gets credit for. There is definitely something sly going on with the channel … I think.

That’s what makes great programming — when you’re not sure if you’re watching something intentionally odd or if it’s just genuinely free-spirited. Either case is great with me, because I love free-spirits and people who f**k with heads. Cooking With Dog is definitely one of these … maybe. The show is hosted by a dog, Francis, who seems like the happiest dog maybe ever, and his assistant is this middle-aged Asian woman who I am not sure if she speaks English or not. But that doesn’t matter because Francis is very patient and speaks ????? (perfect English). While the creator and producer of the show is a little camera shy, he didn’t hesitate to answer a few curious questions NMR had.

What makes your food channel different from all the other food channels out there?

The creator: 1)The host, Francis, is an English-speaking toy poodle. 2) Chef doesn’t talk much. 3) The creator is camera shy.

If you could choose your last meal, what would it be?

Francis: Iriko (dried baby sardines)
Chef: Crab Tomato Cream Pasta & Wine
The creator: Orange Juice

If you weren’t doing a cooking show, what other topic would you do a YouTube show on?

The creator once had an interview for an adult video editor position when he was out of work. Thankfully, he was rejected. More thankfully, the company was raided by the police years later.

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