Cumberland Sheriff Arrests Parent Over Nothing, YouTube Revolts [VIDEO]

Don’t be surprised if the word “Cumberland” becomes synonymous with “abuse of power” discussions over the next few weeks. Blowing up on YouTube, this video is starting to catch fire despite its incredibly boring beginning, and take on a sort of gut-level infamy.

The school sheriff for this middle school in Cumberland County, Tennessee overreacted after two parents dared to refuse to sign a form allowing the school to let their two kids, aged 8 and 14 (one of them with special needs) walk home alone unsupervised. School policy is apparently that kids getting picked up by their parents need to be done so by a vehicle otherwise they would not be let off the premises at the conclusion of school (without the authorizing signature). When the parents refused (and well after the mom pulled out a video camera) the sheriff suddenly decides he’s arresting the dad, Jim Howell, and does so. He then threatens to arrest the mom as well, but ultimately lets her go. Now people are up in arms over this footage and a petition has popped up on to provide legal aid for Howell.

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I normally would immediately side with the cop in this matter: parents are almost always annoying dickheads with entitlement issues. I worked briefly in my youth as a lame ass security guard for an upscale neighborhood, and I still remember the screaming I got from a parent because I wouldn’t let her gaggle of 12-year-olds use the pool at 11 pm. The pool closed at 10, lady! And as annoying as these two parents are (with their talk of lawsuits and whatnot), I still gotta side with them. This one should be interesting.

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