UPDATE: Elk Tries Like Hell To Get Photographer to Fight It [VIDEO]

UPDATE 11/18/13 18:41: So apparently this elk was euthanized after this encounter and this video went viral. And now we get the dark side of virality. Us humans encroached on nature and filmed it, and now a perfectly badass elk is dead. Someone ought to stuff this elk for preservation in the YouTube museum someone else ought to start.

For a seven0minute video, this young elk rutting against a photographer held my attention surprisingly well. Shot at sunrise in Tennessee, the buck elk decided this guy was impinging on its property. So for seven harrowing minutes, it smacks into the guy and attempts to bait him into fighting. This guy maintains his composure remarkably well. I would have tried to rip its antlers off before it could gouge my eyes out. Elk are muy loco like that. Them and their cold-ass elk hearts.

Stay tuned to the end for when the elk tries to steal his bag. Good stuff.

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