Gobble Gobble Them Up: The 5 Best Thanksgiving Videos YouTube Has To Offer

Let’s face it: some of us aren’t exactly maestro’s when it comes to the culinary arts. We don’t necessarily grasp the finer points of cookery. Hell, I even screw up mac and cheese. But that doesn’t mean that I’m allowed to skirt my sacred duty of making a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Maybe I’m off the hook as long as a Denny’s diner is open on Thanksgiving, but one day you and I both will be saddled with the finer art of preparing a delicious meal. And so there is no time like the present for us to at least get some advance knowledge on the best ways to put on a boss Thanksgiving affair from some of the finest minds YouTube has to offer. And so here, on this the day before the day when the mightiest of all feasts are prepared, we present to you: The five best Thanksgiving videos around:

5. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Let this be your entertainment. The rest of this will be watching football, but there is a good chance there will be some young ones or southern dandy types who don’t ken to pigskin fineries. Plop them down in front of the computer and pop on one of Thanksgiving’s most enduring traditions in its full, free-and-therefore-likely-bootleg, YouTube release.

4. Best Pumpkin Pie Ever

I love that the recipe for the “world’s best pumpkin pie” was only uploaded to YouTube yesterday. Hundreds of thousands of years of people on the planet and people eating — and we just get the world’s best pumpkin pie yesterday. What an age we live in. Well, that is if you happen to believe the YouTube channel Tasted. And I do.

3. Last Minute Thanksgiving Decorations

Okay, so the reality is that if you or I was Martha Stewart, we would have started on this year’s Thanksgiving decorations two weeks before last Thanksgiving. Since you and I are not Martha Stewart, we need some of the best last minute shit to toss up and roll with it. Fortunately this young woman with not too many views has a knack for cheap goods on the quick.