Gobble Gobble Them Up: The 5 Best Thanksgiving Videos YouTube Has To Offer

2. Bacon Cornucopia

Epic Meal Time has become a sort of annual holiday tradition in itself. Every year my family and I tune in to see how fat we can all get. Hell, we don’t even have a meal, we just watch the EMT crew do their thing and get fat that way. This year, in addition to picking up the tab for several shoppers at the grocery store (aww, heartwarming), Harley and the crew also make a bacon cornucopia. Yes, a horn-of-plenty made out of bacon. My family is going to get extra fat this year.

1. How to Deep Fry A Turkey in A Trashcan

The Art of Manliness pipes in with the most important part of the Thanksgiving dinner — the turkey. And when it comes to turkey flavor, there is no better method of preparation than deep-frying one of them sumb*tches in fatty oils inside a trash can. I think its safe to say that if I don’t burn down my house this year, I’m going to have aheart attack. Tune in next time when I present the five best ways to bully your way through the pearly gates.