Holland’s Got Bigots: Judges on ‘Holland’s Got Talent’ Make Embarrassing Racist Jokes To Performer [VIDEO]

Ahh, the true usefulness of the internet finally emerges — being able to shame people you wouldn’t otherwise have known about. Here’s a viral clip from “Holland’s Got Talent” in which a couple of the judges mock a guy because of his ethnicity. Of course, vengeance is his because he can sing like a motherf**king angel. It’s reminiscent of the Susan Boyle clip, but a bit more cringeworthy. It’s gotta be tough to be that one judge on the left — he looks so ashamed and yet engages in the schadenfreude, keeping his head down throughout.

I try and imagine if I could be this intentionally racist these days … I don’t know that I could. No, I bet I still could … I’d feel pretty bad about myself during and after though …

Ahh, racism:

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