Is it PrankvsPrank? Or ‘Chip Chocolate’? Who Cares As Long As It’s ‘The Cookie Dance’ [INTERVIEW]

Ladies and gentlemen, hold your cups of milk up high as I present to you … “The Cookie Dance.”

From “Chip Chocolate,” better known in some circles as Jesse Wellens, the male half of YouTube comedy duo PrankvsPrank, the likeliest nominee for infectious groove of the Fall is here. Who knew setting flows about delicious-ass cookies to a rap beat could be this infectious? The curious question now is whether an established YouTube star can have the next “Gangnam Style” or “Harlem Shake”? Or whether Chip Chocolate will crumble under the hot, hot heat of this hip hop song?

Since NMR couldn’t just stand by dunking our cookies and not hit up the decadent “Chip Chocolate,” we decided to ask him a few questions about this tasty song.

Chip Chocolate appeared in a dubstep video back in September … how did the idea arise for you to do the “Cookie Dance”?

Actually, the “Cookie Dance” had been developed well before the dubstep video, but it just hadn’t been released yet. I always had a love for cookies and I love to dance, so I figured if I combine the two and create a dope hip-hop song and video, the internet would explode. That’s the way the cookie crumbles! The song was released on iTunes first, and the music video was not finished until about a month later. The song reached as high as No. 14 on the U.S. Hip-Hop Charts and No. 43 in all genres. It even reached No. 1 in some countries! The dubstep video was just a way to introduce Chip Chocolate to the world.

Are there any plans for Chip Chocolate to do a full album? If so, when could we see that?

At this point, I am not sure. We’ll see what the fans want.

Are there specific dance moves associated with the “Cookie Dance”? Or is it just about chilling and eating some cookies and milk?

If you watch the music video carefully, you should notice some dance moves that had been repeated as the actual Cookie Dance. You will see some leaning back, criss-crossing of the feet, and most importantly, the twirling of the cookie in the milk. The ladies can twirl their hips at that point, while the fellas just twirl their hands. The whole song is about enjoying cookies and being active through dancing, so I always like to see people’s own interpretation of the “Cookie Dance.”

Find the “Cookie Dance” on iTunes here.


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