Is ‘Music Pass’ Finally The YouTube Music Subscription Service We’ve Been Promised?


Are free YouTube music videos a thing of the past? The rumor wires are abuzz once more with the talk that YouTube is soon to start issuing a subscription-based service allegedly called “Music Pass” that will allow for access to millions of ad-free music videos. Also, you’d be able to connect with the videos offline and there would be possibilities of unlimited streaming and background playing — all good things.

It’s an especially perplexing rumor considering that Google, owner of YouTube, already has a music subscription service of its own in “Google Play.” Still, since I am in a relentlessly positive frame of mind, I must at least entertain an upbeat sensibility in regards to the technology to come. Once it’s out, then I can take to the newswire to trash the service with the rest of you.

“Til then though: ooh exciting!

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