Bound 3: James Franco & Seth Rogen Take A Visual Dump On Kanye’s ‘Bound 2’ [VIDEO]

And just like that, Kanye West has turned the corner.

It isn’t just that James Franco and Seth Rogen have mocked his outrageously terrible music video, “Bound 2,” with a shot for shot remake starring themselves, but that’s certainly the last straw.

Kanye has had untouchable status for a while now — “South Park” poked at him and his temper a little bit, but now people are full-on rolling their eyes. A terrible music video for a terrible song costarring corny Kim Kardashian?

According to the “Klima Scale of Celebrity Descent” first mentioned during the beginning stages of Justin Bieber’s breakdown, Kanye has created a new niche somewhere between drug photo and missing concerts — the overly artsy and terrible “personal performance” piece. You had to know that somewhere, some record exec begged Kanye not to make this and he was like, “This will be the greatest and most emotionally powerful thing I have ever done. This video will be my ‘Apocalypse Now.’ No, f**k it, it will be my ‘Rudy.’”

Ah, Kanye you used to be cool. We’ll be waiting for your Disney channel music video.

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